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Support local businesses from across Cambridgeshire via our gift shop, the marketplace and Click It Local:

Your virtual high street with 275+...

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...local indies on your doorstep!

The Trove Cambridge invites you to discover Cambridgeshire's creative scene...

...whether you are looking to sign up for a creative workshop, attend an upcoming exhibition, find a printing or framing service, or buy a gift from a local artisan, we aim to help you find what it is you are looking for and to spark your curiosity!

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Discover local art, design and handmade treasures and join in by sharing your work and discoveries with us:

Testimonials from the Local Community:

"It's lovely to see such an array of creatives all together in one place. You’re doing great work in bringing people together and sharing a positive message with some serious talent. Go you!"  @mays_wonderfully_woven

"What you're doing enriches the community and showcases so many amazing artists that would otherwise go unseen.@stephaniesporadic, Cambridgeshire Resident

"Since Stephanie first introduced herself to me at one of my open studio events a few years ago, she has been such a wonderful ambassador and support to our growing community!" — @suerapleyart, #WACC Member

"At a time when small, independent businesses need as much support as they can get, The Trove Cambridge is a project that’s bound to be appreciated." — @cambsedition, Local Magazine

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