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Richard Heeps

"Hello – we are Eleanor Jordan and Richard Heeps and we handmake Richard’s artwork in our Cambridge studio. A passion for traditional photographic processes, we print from negative in our own colour darkroom from Richard’s 30+ year archive, mounting and finishing it in-house delivering to collectors worldwide.

Bleach Box Photography is our specialist gallery where we work with artists who exploit and experiment with film based photography and traditional printing techniques to create challenging images.

Richard Heeps’ seductive, highly saturated colours and sophisticated pictorial structures demonstrate a true love and empathy for his subject matter - be it cool descriptive interiors, still life or landscape. His distinctive style pushes the limits of lens-based photography without the need for digital manipulation.

Although he grew up in East Anglia, Richard was heavily influenced by America. He visited American bases, kept magazine cuttings and followed drag racing. The speed, lifestyle and technicolour are reflected in his imagery. "American" colour is a major aspect to Richard’s work, it drives his equipment and material choices. 

At the age of ten he began participating in art shows, becoming comfortable with showing his work and the praise and criticism which is part of an artist’s development. In his professional career he has been lucky enough to exhibit his work in museums and public galleries since the 1980s. 

In recent years he has travelled, exhibited at international art fairs and still enjoys connecting with his audience. He is driven to create something and see how people respond to it and how they connect with it. We welcome visitors to the studio by appointment!" — ELEANOR + RICHARD

Richard Heeps

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Photography, Fine Art, Prints, Working Studio




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