The Trove Cambridge is Cambridgeshire’s online creative hub connecting local creatives, creative organisations and the community. We invite you to explore Cambridgeshire's creative scene - whether you are looking to sign up for a creative workshop, attend an upcoming exhibition, find a printing or framing service, or buy a gift from a local artisan, we aim to help you find what it is you are looking for and to spark your curiosity.


  • To provide local creatives - professionals, side-hustlers and hobbyists - as well as creative businesses and organisations from across Cambridgeshire an alternative platform to showcase their work and services

  • To provide a connection between the local creative community and the wider Cambridgeshire community by promoting the ethos of shopping and supporting local

  • To provide residents of and visitors to Cambridgeshire with latest news updates from the creative scene - including upcoming events, exciting opportunities and community interest stories

  • To provide an inclusive and supportive network for local creatives and creative organisations through an affordable membership scheme

The Trove Cambridge was first launched by Stephanie Stott (née Freeman) in October 2013 as a personal blog. Over the last six years she has solely developed the concept of this platform and dedicated her time to networking with the local creative community and seeing her ideas and passion for supporting the art, design and handmade industries realised. In 2014 she started to use and promote the hashtag #CambsCreativeTreasures on Instagram which is close to hitting 10,000 shares.

In 2018 we launched a trial membership offer inviting local artists, designers and makers to join our #WeAreCambsCreatives collective seeing 70 members sign up in the first year. 2019 was an exciting year behind the scenes as we looked at ways to grow our online presence – as well as other ways of sharing our message across Cambridgeshire. We are currently working on a number of projects for 2020 including the launch of a new membership offer, an online shop, community notice board and forum - and the first issue of our #CambsCreativeScene magazine which will be distributed across the county!


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