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"Snowtap is the design studio of Susy Snow and Gracie Tapner, hence the hybrid business name! We met at the University of Westminster in 2011 whilst completing a degree in illustration and after graduating we both worked in 'the industry' for two years, gaining professional experience doing everything from in-house graphic design to licensing and commissions.

In early 2016, whilst having a catch-up coffee in Kings Cross, the idea to form a collaborative venture and work for ourselves came about. Less than a month later, we took the plunge and launched Snowtap in Cambridge with two greeting cards.

We now have over 60 card designs and are stocked in shops across the UK. We sell our original illustrations at markets and fairs throughout the year, including the All Saints Craft Market in Cambridge every Saturday, and work on bespoke projects for people all over the world.

Specialising in watercolour and gouache, line drawing, printmaking and collage, together we create whimsical illustrations, handmade coasters, cards and screen printed apparel, all inspired by the extraordinary natural world." — SNOWTAP


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Illustration, Printmaking, Cards, Clothing

Marketplace Feature:

Jurassic Pug Greetings Card | £3.65

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