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Welcome to Noko Designs, a handmade jewellery brand with a hint of bohemian style. My jewellery is inspired by some of the amazing countries I have visited during my previous employment working in the travel industry and my love of all things bohemian.

I grew up in Cambridgeshire, studied at Bristol, worked in London and then I moved back to this area in 2007. I studied Textiles at school and thought I would follow my passion into University but a career in travel with blue seas and white beaches hoodwinked me!

In my designs you will find bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings and Liberty Of London print wraps. I love working with colour and you will find a mix of sterling silver, gold filled pieces, shells and colour in my bracelets, anklet and earring designs and bright tassels on some of my necklaces.

I source beads from all over the world and incorporate them into my own designs. All the cowrie shells, for example, I collected from a work visit to French Polynesia. The hotels give you the shells as a welcome. I am thrilled now to be able to drill holes in them and incorporate them into my designs.

Everything I make is easy to wear and easy to gift. I am also able to hand stamp charms so that you can gift something personalised. My personalised ankle bracelets have been a fairly recent addition to my designs and have been really well received as an alternative gift to a bracelet.

Below are pictures of some of my designs and there are many more on my website. Do click the links here and check my other designs out. If you have any questions or would like a little tweak here or there on any of my jewellery designs, just ask. Thank you for visiting!” — MARNIE


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Jewellery, Silver, Bohemian, Beaded

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Neon Evil Eye Bracelet | £22.00

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