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"Hello! I’m Emily, from the Fenlands of rural Cambridgeshire, and Em’s Vintage Prints blossomed from my love of antique books and maps. I sell vintage and antique maps and illustrations, both online and at local markets and fairs.

Em’s Vintage Prints is built on a passion to celebrate the beauty of antique illustrations and maps. By sharing my collection with others, unwanted books take on a new lease of life. These rediscovered books no longer sit neglected on a dusty shelf; once found, the illustrations are carefully removed and curated to join a diverse and expanding collection.

From vintage botanicals and nature prints, to antique technical drawings and scientific diagrams, there’s something for everyone. A few of my favourites are maps of places I’ve visited and bright leafy illustrations.

Em’s Vintage Prints is the perfect place to find a thoughtful gift, a striking addition to a gallery wall, or a vintage indulgence. Each item is original and unique, so you can have your own little piece of history. I love seeing prints in their new homes where they can be enjoyed and appreciated by many." — EMILY

March, Cambridgeshire

Vintage Prints, Antiques, Paper, Books



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