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Emily Jolley Fine Art

"Hello, I’m Emily Jolley, a Cambridgeshire based artist specialising in expressive abstract paintings incorporating emulsion paint. Influenced by Modernism and inspired by the natural world I make original artwork and bespoke commissions.

You can see more of my work via my website and Instagram. I work in both large and small formats with a variety of media – ink, gouache, watercolour, acrylic, oil, collage, clay, paper, canvas, board, and emulsion paint. Tools I use range from traditional brushes, pallet knives, pencils and pens to found objects including feathers and sticks.

As well as crafting unique series of work on a theme I develop motifs or systems which I produce variations on, notably my circle grids, ‘spaces’ technique and flowing diptychs.

I really love working on commissions. The prospect of making work that is responding to and intended for a particular space is an exciting challenge and I always enjoy working to a brief that encourages me to adapt and expand on my previous work.

While primarily a painter I also produce sketches and lino prints, and have developed playful ‘Wear Paint’ jewellery that encases emulsion paint in glass. Perfect for modern art lovers!

Artists that I admire include Abstract Expressionists such as Lee Krasner, as well as artists that reference minimalism such as Eva Hesse.

Recent work includes references to natural forms from the Cambridgeshire landscape. I live and work in Huntingdon, am a member of Cambridge Open Studios and have a studio at Milton Studios in Cambridge." — EMILY

Emily Jolley Fine Art

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Abstract, Fine Art, Jewellery, Commissions


Catkins Lino Print (Unframed) | £40.00


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