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Clare Morris Resource

"CMR has now been established and working with small and independent businesses for over 10 years. We provide a number of services from giving advice on how to streamline processes and systems to looking at how you can develop sustainably by being innovative.

Although our service is founded on the business model canvas, we have stripped out the corporate babble and given it a human heart. The results are that every business owner comes away with a full appreciation of their business value and the techniques needed to effectively engage with their community; be that as a service, or an online or physical product.

I am motivated by being as green as possible and so I work online with Trello and when working face to face can provide you with a durable canvas too (including post-its from the Green Stationery Company). This means that both working solutions can travel with you from home, work or to see a colleague, bank manager or share with your team.

I have been fortunate to work with businesses ranging from coaching, entertainment, accounting and literature to marketing, interior design, upholstery and healing. Most of my clients are highly creative, sensitive to overwhelm and are either at start-up stage or wish to reduce pressures of running an established business and move into a growth phase.

I love working with business owners who want the confidence of having a clear understanding of their product and service values, their particular customer base, and how to work with focus, clarity and creativity. I'm most often on Instagram and LinkedIn, so do come say hello!" — CLARE

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24th June 2021 - Getting To Know: Clare Morris Resource*

Clare Morris Resource

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Business Development, Audit, Strategy, Growth

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