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Wordplay Clay

Lockdown 2020. With work on hold and overwhelmed by the joys of home schooling, I turned to clay for some light (and squidgy) relief.

Drawing on design skills from my background in interiors and textiles, and with a large amount of trial and error, a range of tableware and household ceramics gradually emerged.

Inspired by the combination of pottery and the often intriguing idioms, phrases and puns in our everyday language, I began exploring the possibilities of delicately inlaid slip on precise, porcelain pieces.

Stamping each handcrafted piece using vintage letterpress with a classic British typeface, a functional, utilityware aesthetic developed, and with a firm tongue in cheek, Wordplay Clay came to be.

A year on and clay has proved addictive, my creations continue to evolve and maintain their talent for stating the bleedin’ obvious.” — JESSICA

Wordplay Clay

Foxton, Cambridgeshire

Ceramics, Porcelain, Tableware, Homeware


'Just My Cup of Tea' Teacup | £35.00


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