Vandy Massey

“Like poetry, every painting has a story. Watching images emerge on the paper is something I find captivating. This is the aspect of watercolour I find the most enthralling, and the reason I am drawn to its freedom and flow. I love painting images inspired by nature – from landscapes to flowers. There is nothing quite like being transported by the atmosphere of a painting. My favourite images are filled with an energy which comes from their vibrant colours, and interpretation of light. I take part in Cambridge Open Studios and various other East Anglian exhibitions and I would love to meet you there. I am also the founder of Running With Brushes – an ongoing initiative to paint 1000 small watercolours in aid of Care for Casualties. Contributing artists donate 100% of the proceeds to the charity and buyers get to buy a piece of original art in return for a small contribution.” — VANDY

Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire

Painting, Watercolour, Landscapes, Flowers



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