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The Merry Hoop

"Hello! I'm Mary, the maker of the merry hoops. I love coffee and chocolate and according to my daughter I am a happy hedgehog.

A mum by day, I think of this beautiful embroidery journey - that began when I was a little girl and saw me through some intense PhD years - as a continuation of the story that generations of women in my family and beyond have been telling throughout the centuries.

I find art and nature as intertwined as needle and thread. We moved to Cambridge four years ago from Cleveland, Ohio with its long grey snowy winters and we never looked back.

I am a self-taught contemporary embroidery artist and work mostly with thread, fabric, and wool. Each piece is an original creation inspired by my love and deep appreciation of the beautiful, whimsical nature all around in this beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside. I am always drawn to the woods - happy or sad.

I love using whatever I can find at our local charity shops - be it a cotton tablecloth or a linen shirt or curtains for fabrics, and work with a mix of DMC, wool or silk threads, wool roving, felt, beads, and findings that I have to hand.

Sustainability is a key word for my family, and I strive to up-cycle and re-purpose where I can. Not only is it a small step to care for this beautiful planet, but also in this way each embroidery piece has a history and holds a story waiting to be told. I mostly work based on inspiration, but I do take commissions - get in touch for more information!" — MARY

The Merry Hoop

Cottenham, Cambridgeshire

Embroidery, Fibre Art, 3D Textiles, Accessories


3D Mushroom Wall Art | £78.00


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