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So Blooming Beautiful

"Coming from Brazil, a country where nature is abundant and creativity flourishes everywhere, I try to bring a sensitivity to connect with people and understand them. That translates into the work when using natural elements, colours and props to bring my client’s personality and dream to life.

Everything I do is tailor-made for the client, from modern venues through to medieval castles, I create one-of-a-kind designs to fulfil their vision.

With the aim to bring that feeling of an artistic and elegant atmosphere into people's celebrations, I created So Blooming Beautiful, which allows me to use my floral craftsmanship as well as my sense of styling to make weddings and other events bloom.

I currently sell via Click It Local and I am also creating an online webshop for my workshops, floral gifts, air plants and flowering plants, seeds and dried flower bouquets amongst others. Bespoke fresh flower bouquets can be pre-ordered directly from me and come with a special personal message explaining why I created that particular design for the recipient, which I base on the sender's description of them.

I endeavour to explore and discover new ways to express my creativity and try to get involved as much as I can in the Cambridge community. I have been involved in local projects with locals as well as expats like me. Meeting other creatives is one of my goals for the new year." — CANDICE

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Image Credits: Gallery Images by Andrew Wilkinson (Images 1, 4, 6 & 12), Elodie Giuge Photography (Image 3), Lucy Furini (Image 7) & Lee Rushby (Image 8); Profile Picture by Lee Rushby.

So Blooming Beautiful

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Floristry, Wedding + Events, Bouquets, Workshops

Marketplace Feature:

Spring Table Arrangement Workshop | £80.00

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