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Sara Rawlinson Photography

"Fine art photography first captured my interest since I was six years old working in the field and the darkroom with my Grandma. I grew up in the US and spent some time in both Australia and Scotland before landing in Cambridge’s Riverside area, which has now been my home for four years.

These days, I delight in photographing historic buildings from unique viewpoints like up on scaffolding or up in a cherry picker - a funny idea because I used to be afraid of heights! I also am very fond of photographing botanical details, treescapes, cloudscapes, and other abstract views of natural details.

I particularly enjoy taking things out of context to lead the viewer towards the expressivity of details and aesthetic lines. I look for emotion conveyed by subtle differences in weight, texture and strength of the elemental line - seeking simplicity within textures, shadows, spaces, and details.

Two of my recent series have received several accolades: 'FOCUSED on King’s College Chapel' and 'Illuminating Cambridge Libraries'. Books and fine art prints are available for both series. I host several Open Studio events each year and exhibit regularly.

In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, green tea, fresh food, hiking through forests, and being a Home Ed Mama to my eight year old. Normally, I’m such an avid traveller that I suffer from itchy feet even during non-pandemic years, but it gives me fun opportunities for a bit of travel photography." — SARA

Sara Rawlinson Photography

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Photography, Fine Art, Art Prints, Publications

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FOCUSED on King's College Chapel | £24.00

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