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Linda Blissett

"I am a fashion and textile designer specialising predominantly in niche handwoven fabrics which I design and weave myself creating one-off couture pieces. I graduated from Middlesex & Portsmouth University with a BA Honours in Constructed Textiles & HND Textiles For Fashion.

Stylistically, my work is a blend of my own handwoven multi-textural fabric and avant garde couture designs. I breathe new life into fabrics by upcycling found materials which I incorporate into my pieces. No two ever identical but within themes there is flow from one to another.

The collections take inspiration from a range of influences such as historical references and the seasonal ebb and flow of the British Isles. Using my affinity for colours and textures, I experiment with a variety of media forms and build these into an intricate architecture, using modern and traditional methods worked into an eclectic art form.

In September 2014 I showcased for the first time at London Fashion Week with Fashions Finest, a platform for emerging designers. I have since shown in both London and Paris fashion weeks and was a finalist for the John Singer Sargent Art Prize at Broadway Arts Festival.

After a short break and moving from London to Cambridgeshire, in 2018 I rebranded my design business to concentrate on my couture designs and have introduced new collections. In 2019 I also started working with a local theatre company in Huntingdon (Shakespeare At The George) and this year I was awarded best Artisan Fashion Textiles Company for 2021 by SME News UK Enterprise Awards.

Whether you're attending a party, celebration, premiere or red carpet event, you can be assured that my exclusive designs are suitable for all occasions. You can check out my website shop or contact me directly to discuss an order, a special order or a one-off hire." — LINDA

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Image Credits: Gallery Images by Ivan Marsh Photography (1 & 14), Tim Copsey Photography (2, 7 & 15), Navin Goodur (3 & 4) & James Alexander Lyon (9 & 10)

Linda Blissett

Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire

Textiles, Fashion Design, Clothing, Accessories

Marketplace Feature:

Lulworth Handwoven Scarf | £180.00

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