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Handmade Books Studio

"Hello - I'm Debbie, I moved from Lincolnshire to Cambridgeshire when my husband was posted to RAF Brampton and settled happily. I’ve always loved words and books. Professionally I am a specialist dyslexia assessor, so still very much linked to words, reading and writing.

My creative journey with making books began some years ago, when I met a lady selling handmade books in Cambridge. It was my light bulb moment, as until then I had never given a thought as to how a book was actually made. Since then, I have studied with several local binders, learning the traditional skills required.

Lockdown gave me the opportunity to study, via Zoom, with binders all over the country, indeed the world, as I attended classes with several international tutors. My once beautiful dining room has now been turned into my workroom and I spend many happy hours in there perfecting new stitches and designs.

I have collaborated with The Manor at Hemingford Grey to sell a range of my books with covers based on the designs of Lucy Boston’s patchworks and I’ve recently joined a collective of creatives in The Shop at No. 15 in St Ives. My biggest task now is building up some stock for the 2021 Christmas fair at Haddenham Arts Centre.

I post pictures of my books in progress and finished products on Instagram and have been lucky enough to receive requests for commissions via my page. This is always such a delight as you can make exactly what the client wants.

I would highly recommend book making as a wonderful pastime, but be warned, it can be addictive!" — DEBBIE

Handmade Books Studio

Great Raveley, Cambridgeshire

Bookbinding, Paper, Stationery, Commissions


Secret Belgian Handmade Book | £19.00


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