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Birgitte Bruun Jewellery

I am a Jewellery Designer creating contemporary silver and gold jewellery influenced by Scandinavian Design. In my Cambridge studio I handcraft a range of simple, elegant and timeless jewellery.

I create my jewellery using a variety of traditional techniques such as forging, milling and hammering the precious metals. I particularly enjoy shaping the metal by forging and planishing and many of the pieces involve these techniques.

I like to produce textural contrasts in the jewellery with these processes and by oxidising the silver or the addition of interesting semi-precious stones such as opals and moonstones or using a mixture of gold and silver.

I make a wide range of jewellery including earrings, necklaces, rings, bangles and cufflinks and unusual gifts such as a silver bubble blower. I also remodel unworn old gold or heirloom jewellery into new wearable pieces of contemporary jewellery and am happy to discuss possibilities in person or online.

My full collection and examples of recent bespoke and remodelled jewellery can be seen on my website, a selection is also listed in my online Etsy shop.

Appointments can be made to visit me in my Cambridge studio to discuss a commission or purchased work directly via my website. You can also follow me on Instagram for an insight into work in progress in my studio.” — BIRGITTE

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Birgitte Bruun Jewellery

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Jewellery, Silver, Gold, Commissions

Marketplace Feature:

Triple Circle Hammered Necklace | £130.00

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